jueves, 5 de junio de 2008


Celsa Bruenner is Tocoginecóloga GYN since 1992 and works at Mercy Hospital (attached CV). Everyone knows their unconditional surrender, ferrous and fighting hard defense for women and their families that she maintains in the hospital. I know Celsa since 1998 because women in an NGO working in telling me that the guard on Thursday and Friday had an angel who was accompanying them to pass, that they did nothing of those routines, which they did not points ( episiotomy: cut unnecessary vaginal). On Friday, May 23, 2008 communicated to him through a brief document (average veneer) signed by the health minister made the pass in committee from Mercy Hospital to the Department of Occupational Health (medical examination) for strict reasons service (not specified) that is far from the delivery room to fill roles and in a position of lesser rank and hierarchy. The lawyer consulted by Celsa after analyzing the case called "The act is invalid by unconstitutional authority issued by incompetent unsubstantiated and / or motivation. The minister has no regulatory powers assigned to committee disponer passes plant permanent staff (as Act 7625). " "On the other hand the transfer or exchange only available with the request and express mutual consent of the agent among other conditions. Not requiring the consent of appearing and are not satisfied with the rest of the conditions stipulated in the regulations. " "The act is illegal as it affects the right to retain employment, rank and level." It is known that the pass was motivated by repeated confrontations with the head of service (dra Rivero) and the hospital's former director now secretary of health minister (Pedeta dr). Since then and before, always called her and asked for reports from above: why not induced, why vaginal delivery after a Caesarean or more, why squat, why no episiotomy,… to what she responded with all impeccably scientific evidence and the law of 25,929 Rights of parents and children during the process of Birth-force since 2004 - as a backup, never ceased intimidate, or ceased to act as thought. Always refused to recognize-and not the satisfaction and dignity of the families-the best results in perinatal morbidity involving his way to work. The Childbirth Humanizado, as is often apostrophe, is more than just a qualification of assistance in terms of basic courtesy and sensitivity. It also means adhere to the recommendations of World Health Organization (WHO) on care in normal delivery in force since 1985 and updated for our environment in the "Guide to the attention of normal delivery in maternity units focusing on the family" published in 2004 by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, through the National Maternal and Child Health. It was drafted based on the methodology proposed by the evidence-based medicine, following the principles of OM. S. and with the endorsement and corrections of Scientific Societies and experts. Although there is a little too widespread labor law called Humanizado that our country was enacted in 2004 the so-called humanized labor law, domestic law No. 25,929 which lists the rights of mothers and their children. Some of these rights are: * Be informed about the various medical interventions that might take place during these processes so that they can choose freely where there are different alternatives. * To be treated with respect, and so individual and personal that it ensures privacy for the care and take into consideration their cultural patterns. * To be considered, in its situation regarding the process of birth, as a healthy person, so as to facilitate their participation as protagonist of his own birth. * When natural birth, respectful of the times biological and psychological, avoiding invasive practices and the provision of medication that are not justified by the state of health of the mother or the unborn person. * Be accompanied by a trusted person and election during labor, delivery and postpartum. They know perfectly well that this way of empowering women and their families is extremely dangerous for their interests to reproduce and perpetuate the established order for there to be resorting to such drastic measures and beyond any legal reason. It is appealing the measure administrative and legal avenues they account but our participation will be crucial to make time to understand how we are engaged in this defense, which conform to a movement that will not be easy silence. What they believe they can bring either spreading in different ways, organizing activities to express repudiation by this evening "sanction" will be welcome.
I stand for Celsa with all my hearth and my soul, and I pray that God would be in control, and I know that Love is stronger!!
Peace and love!

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Megs dijo...

dear Gimena,
my Spanish isn't good enough to really understand what is happening, but it sounds ominous, and I wish you every blessing in your battle against this evil.
love meg

Megs dijo...

Thank you Gime for translating this for me! I am outraged that anybody could think it acceptable health care practice to look down on Celsa for not doing an episiotomy (haven't they read the research? episiotomies are only indicated when doing a forceps, etc. delivery...) or empowering a woman to have a vaginal birth after caesarian...

Uganda was like that - all the worst of colonial birthing practices still hanging on - they birthed lying down, a nice little legacy from imperial england - which nobody has to do in england any more.

may celsa be restored to his position, and may many follow, transforming Argentine midwifery care.

Love you Gimena. I am so glad you got to go to that wonderful, powerful birthing group of women which you put on your blog. The right place for you to be!

I hope Felipe's birth was good and not sabotaged by these crazy people!

Love and hugs, midwife sister,